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The substantive: This was essence. It defied the odds of categorisation. You needed some power to withstand the essence. But it was un-surmountable.It was that element or better still, that multi-ment that defied the substantial. This ain’t philos; this is the apposition, the other side as per example, the opposing view. Maybe this was the real world.
But there was the contingent, the natural following in the order of things. What if this was some exaggeration or some other-world? Essence is bliss, the merry and light. But why this measurement in weight units when weight itself is essence phenomenally? Recursion is allowed in this other-world. Thus essence is phenomena, some phenomenon and the reverse intrinsically is true. Phenomena are multiple with respect to space and time. Even in the singular sense, phenomena are compound, their essence being intrinsically so.
Essentialism supersedes the existential. Existentialism depended so much on the borrowed concept of ‘authenticity’ which itself lent credence and authority to the essential. There might be the temptation to deny this, but there can be no other truth.  In order to qualify as authenticated, there had to be the intrinsic, not just some chance mechanism that existed. This continuum of space-time defied the packaging into boxes of hemispheres as we limit to reality. The universe itself and by extension, the multi-verses were dimensionless. To quote Sir Arthur Eddington, “science no longer identifies reality with the physical universe, for mind and consciousness belong to the unseen world.” So the perceptibility factor had to rely on some other phenomenon which no doubt is essence, typified in some respects by the mind and the conscious.
W.S Sahakian & M L Sahakian, Ideas of Great Philosophers, N Y Barnes and Noble, Inc., 1966, p.167


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