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Hi. this is a reaction to a news item i found on
. do take a look and you might understand where i am coming from:

I’m afraid, really afraid. What big brother is refusing to acknowledge is that e-Gold is a system; some sort of machinery that runs provided it is fuelled. It’s all about the value and the case for anonymity. The Secret Service and all those cohorts are just robots; they always do the bidding of their programmers. There should be a little privacy in this world for God’s sake. Why should big brother be everywhere? The e-Gold system has a set of guidelines and a code of ethics they have remained very faithful to regardless of whoever patronises their service. This is what big brother needs to learn from e-Gold, unflinching adherence to set rules of civilised conduct! Why should an innocent bus driver be made to pay for the offence of the masked gunman that boarded his vehicle (most probably he offered this service at gunpoint)? God save the world!


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