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a reaction to a GNA news report in the D Graphic of september 4, 2009 that there were high levels of illiteracy in Africa
is that this is unfounded. the levels of expressionism found among the African user of the internet especially on
platforms as, among others can attest to a growing trend of literacy on this
continent. in fact there may be a rebellion not only of the robots, but also the average user of voice technologies
which sends shivers down the spine of the less innovative telcos. thus the news article itself bears witness in saying that
that the more consumption of high speed internet for the African would be in the data and internet technology dimensions.

(eFax, torrents)

so what should be the response of policy makers in this regard? because of the likely event of a drop in the profit margins of
some industry players, should the development of high speed fiber optic internet be left to the whims and caprices of profit-
oriented telcos or should the new media model for societal grassroots action come onto the scene; which is not a new phenomenon
in the internet age as we have experienced the Open Source Community competing very well with the mainstream, a quintessence of
people-power and the strengths of person-person networking…


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