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“The final freedom I want to address today flows from the four I’ve already mentioned: the freedom to connect – the idea that governments should not prevent people from connecting to the internet, to websites, or to each other. The freedom to connect is like the freedom of assembly in cyber space. It allows individuals to get online, come together, and hopefully cooperate in the name of progress. Once you’re on the internet, you don’t need to be a tycoon or a rock star to have a huge impact on society.” –

Hillary Clinton on internet freedom



  1. Sounds reasonable to me. Trouble is you have to wade through masses of junk, mindless, or offensive material to find the useful stuff. There isn’t enough responsibility or accountability on the web!It also has an emotional or psychological consistency and detachment which is not pervasive in other forms of communication. The medium lacks warmth somehow.

  2. i think the notion of warmth itself is somehow personal. to me, the presence of a huge variety of social networking tools like facebook and others is more than enough warmth. the notion of being in control of what u read, listen to and other such stuff makes it more than enough a medium. the internet is humanity, kind of.

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