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ideas, knowledge can exist in conversational threads as is typical of online forums.
the important thing here is the asynchronicity, the time dimension since most online forums spread and share information over time, allowing for proper digestion and use of the particular information.
educators (a very broad category) should therefore embrace technologies especially LMS’s OR CMS’s (course management systems) and there is this new tool being researched by University of Wollongong, Australia called SNAAP
that further enhances the use of LMS’s in education. technology gets better every passing second.
there seems to be no limit.


am looking forward to educators using ASYNCHRONOUS modes of assessment, for example project based
pedagogies spread over time in evaluating students. why do we use powerpoint slides for example during
speeches and presentations, they do remind us of where we are particularly with respect to time
and safeguard our going off-track not so? so i believe that (open book exams for instance) should be
the norm so that constructivism would be encouraged in today’s learners, that we would encourage extrapolation
and externalization of knowledge OVER SOME TIME CONTINUUM
specifying an amount of time say 2 hours for exams really might not help, why not one full day, one week etc?
quality assurance should now be more concerned with modes of learner assessment, and this sure is one way QA can
be  most effective .


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