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No company in the world has access to more data and more data processing power than Google. Once data has been sucked into Google Giant Vacuum Cache, it is ripe for analysis. After a decade of collecting (and digitizing) Google has created an astonishing resource that is ripe for value exploitation. Many organizations and companies have idly watched Google conquer a domain more completely than Alexander the Great could have ever dreamed. It only makes sense that Google reveals a little bit of its long term intention: Google internet stats. This is child’s play at this stage, but more value-driven data analysis will be developed soon. The data is there. Mining is next. When you organize the worlds data, you are eventually able to organize the world according to your interests as well.

Design of software and design of learning share similar attributes. I’d go so far as to say that instructional design would benefit from considering how software design has changed over the last decade. Consider this article as a quick overview – Frequent releases change software engineering…




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    • Mensah Patrick Abrampah
    • Posted March 6, 2011 at 4:25 pm
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    1.identify and develop your topic.
    2.find a background information.
    3.use catalogs to find book and media.
    4.index to find periodicals articles.
    5.find internet resources.
    6.evaluate what you have find.
    7.using a standard format. with one piece at a time.
    9.ask for help.
    10.bring it up to date.

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